Erick and Carmen met under somewhat ridiculous circumstances.

There is a dating site for players of massively multiplayer games called MMO dating. One day, Carmen saw someone mention the site online and for a lark put a profile up. Really, she just did it as a joke as she didn't expect anything to come of it... well except lots of really bad emails.

Not long after Erick also heard of the site as a joke from a gaming list he is on. He was poking around when he saw a blue haired goth girl from San Francisco. He went and looked at her profile and they had so much in common he had to email her.

Carmen got many emails but answered exactly one. A guy in the North Bay actually just looking to be friends, and friends they became over the next few months. Going to movies and playing City of Heroes then World of Warcraft together. Eventually they were both single and had become so close they started dating, and that's how this madness began.

Yes, they met on an online dating site... for gamers... and they really didn't mean to.